Watch Your Foods


Healthy eating makes for a healthy heart. Watch Your Food App is designed to inform you and your friends and family of the top ten riskiest foods in America. Watch carefully what you eat, before assuming that its safe.

You prioritize health. Because your health safety is a top goal, Watch Your Food will be your personal wizard to help you to keep an eye on what you eat and what foods you should avoid.

Watch Your Food contains very important information about the food we regularly eat. Included are many items which we might think are healthy or safe but in fact are not as healthy as we mistakenly think. Examine your personal knowledge with quizzes that compare two illustrated food items. Find the correct answer with an easy to understand explanation. In addition, you will learn the ten most riskiest foods, which many of us consider to be healthy. You can share the quiz and knowledge with your friends and family so you can improve their knowledge too!

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