Diabetes Analysis App


The FIRST app of its kind which you have been waiting for!! Use it at home or work and Record your daily blood glucose level (and chose if it is pre-prandial, postprandial or fasting) and have them archived to show to your doctor by monthly, weekly or daily views. The Pregnant women (can use this app to keep tracking their glucose level as well) diabetes can be very dangerous to infant or mother herself or both! You will find rich info about why you don’t get logical reading and how to get accurate reading result, etc.


  • Record diabetes analysis readings at home.
  • View results by Daily, Weekly and Monthly records.
  • Dealing with 2 units: mg/dL and mMol/L
  • User Profile
  • How to use the app
  • Archiving record for the data
  • Important info you should be aware of

This app is for:

  • Diabetes patients
  • Pregnant women diabetes follow up
  • Diabetes patients’ families

Nothing is more precious than health, have this app now and track your health. We do wish you and your families good health and safety.

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